ValueFinder, ProductBuilder, SalesTracker, InvestorFinder, PitchPlanner.

A collection of FREE yet highly practical tools to help you build traction and get your startup funded for growth.


Simple. Powerful. Practical.

Go to market faster and get funded sooner with these simple free tools!

Test Value Proposition

Find from real customers what is valuable about your innovation from their perspective.

Build Early Sales

Nothing gets attention of investors faster tan cash from real customers.

Pitch to Get Funded

Create a pitch that explains the innovation and its opportunity in under 3 minutes.

Move fast with these Canvases

Created with early stage entrepreneurs and innovators to help them move fast & learn from customers. Also includes tools made by others.


ValueFinder Canvas helps you find the heart of your innovation in a fast and effective iterative process with your customers.


ProductBuilder helps you move fast through user journey design, minimum viable product identification, prototyping and user testing.


SalesTracker helps you build your early stage sales pipeline and prototype your CRM while you close your first deals.


InvestorFinder helps you map and target your potential funders and move through the process of pitching to them and getting them over the line.


PitchPlanner is a canvas that helps you build your pitch to drive your audience to the action you desire.

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas helps you prototype a business model for your venture in minutes unlike the traditional business plan.

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